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FOCUS: Manera Foil Bags Collection

19 Oct , 2018   Gallery

Foils and/or foil board can be fragile, they have sharp angles and they need protection ! Manera has you covered from the board bags to the foil and mast bags. And we have them in stock, they just arrived ! Contact your favorite dealer to get them

  • Foilboard bag 5’2 x 24″: We developed a brand new zipper system for the foil board bag. The fact that you’ll be able to protect your board while still let the mast attached is really practical. It also features all the best technologies from the range.
  • Foilboard sock 5’2:  The MANERA socks are built to cushion your boars from small impacts & scratches, and protect your car from wax and salty water when packing the board in. It is very light, dries extremely fast, and is very easy to pack. The foilboard model is 5’2″ and beautiful !
  • Foil box 1100 x 200mm: Foilbox features several compartments and protection flaps to protect a disassembled foil. Mast, front wing, stabilizer, screws & tools all have a specific room. There’s even a compartment for a helmet.
  • Foil Cover Medium 680 x 890mm (all foils up to Gravity 1200) and Large 840 x 890mm(From Gravity 1400 and up): Foil covers are made to protect assembled foils. Built with 3mm high density foam, they feature inside reinforcement patches and flaps to guard most fragile and sharp parts. The design allows the mast to stay assembled and a slot on the bottom gives you access to the mast screws when disassembling.
  • Mast Covers 65/75/85/105cm: Built with a high density 3mm foam, these covers protect your favorite mast from impacts & scratches. They fit most of the models on the market.
  • More info on the Manera website

Foilboard bag & sock 5’2


Foil Cover – 2 x sizes 680 x 890mm – 840 x 890mm


Foilbox 1100 x 200mm


Mast Covers 65/75/85/105cm