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Fit Your Foil to Any of our F-ONE Foilboards with our Low Profile M8 T-Nuts

17 Jun , 2021  

While all F-ONE foils use the M6 thread for their baseplate, some other brands use M8, so F-ONE developed a low profile M8 T-Nut (different than traditional) that can be used on all F-ONE foilboard tracks, including the low profile Pocket kitefoil boards and ASC foilboards. The M8 T-Nuts can also be used on the bamboo Rocket foilboards, but since the ASC and Pocket foilboards have low profile tracks, the only nuts that will fit on these boards are the low profile M8 T-Nuts. The good news is, now you can attach a non F-ONE foil to all our F-ONE boards!

If you have a non F-One foil with an M8 baseplate, you can now attach it to the below boards using our low profile M8 T-Nuts:

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