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First Impressions: BANDIT S4

2 Nov , 2022  

Words by Billy Ackerman

Nothing beats the feel of a new kite and in that regard, my first session on the S4 did not disappoint.

Smooth, tight, responsive, stable, and very sharp looking with all new graphics for 2023, the S4 has direct power input when you want it and instant depower to forget about the kite while on the wave and when you need to release the drive of the kite.

F-One has worked to create a perfectly even canopy shape and added trailing edge staggered seams. This extra detail plays out along the tension line maintaining the original shape even under high loads while preventing any deformation that might rear its ugly head in those overpowered moments.

I have ridden quite a few iterations of the Bandit throughout the years and in my opinion, the F-One design team has arrived at a 2023 S4 that delivers an extra dose of efficiency that makes it hands down one of the top surf kites to date.