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F-One’s New Medium Flow Fins – More Bite For Bigger Guys

26 Mar , 2021  

F-One FLOW Medium Carbon fin review by Billy Ackermann

For quite some time now F-One has offered their FLOW surf fins in an Extra Small (XS) template only but recently added a Medium (M) to further their offering, optimizing more boards for more riders in the F-One lineup. The size and drive of this Medium template is exactly what some larger riders have been waiting for, including myself. Taking it one step further, F-One has also introduced a carbon model in addition to the current honeycomb fin that we already know and love.

F-One’s FLOW fins are now available in two constructions:
Honeycomb or Carbon.

F-One uses standard Futures fin boxes and their FLOW fins come in a 3x thruster setup. Swapping out your fins can really change it up, and since certain riders prefer different hold-to-release ratios, its worth giving different fin sizes a try. Fin size can also help your performance a lot – the XS have been fantastic for freestyle on my Magnet 4’11″. I’m 200lbs without my wetsuit on, and for me, the XS fins work best in smaller waves and flat conditions. Since the XS are smaller, they’re very forgiving for freestyle trick landings; I don’t have to land absolutely perfect every time to ride out smooth whereas a larger fin bites more and I must me more precise with my landings.

While every fin option has its tradeoffs, I must say, I am digging the new FLOW M size. On the wave, the M FLOW fins provide better hold and drive, especially for guys my size. I feel more stable as I link up my bottom to top turns, and the more control at speed I can have the better — I hate those little bobbles that I sometimes get with smaller fins which cause explosions at high speeds, especially on a wave.

The FLOW fin template is designed specifically to handle the demands kiting puts on your fins versus pure prone surfing. Some of my standard surf fins are not up for the speed and torque pushed on them while kiting and as a result, with standard surf fins, you can get some funky flex and humming. The FLOW fin design is optimized for kitesurfing, ensuring you don’t get any weird noises or funky feelings.

The Medium FLOWS have way more grip in comparison to the XS fins, but surprisingly, for me, the release was fantastic and fully under control. The feeling was idyllic; with the M FLOWS under my board, I have better control as I slide through my turns and have way more stability when traveling at higher speeds.

The new carbon model takes it even a notch higher with a stiffer construction that generates even more speed and provides a bit more rigidity offering an even snappier and responsive fin.

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