F-One x Next Gen maui

F-One Next Gen team rider Morgan Ostermann, who lives in San Francisco, joined his teammates Lily Buden and Liam Coralle on Maui for some fun wing and surf foil actions. The filming by Dino @tassaramedia was cut a little short by the devastating fires that engulfed part of the island this summer. Lily’s family lives past Lahaina in Kaanapali, Liam’s is upcountry in Makawao. Dino is from Lahaina and all were very fortunate. They know many people whose lives have been thrown upside down. Those images are a reminder of the beauty of Maui, showcasing the best playground for water sports. Enjoy !

Video: Dino @tassaramedia

Liam Coralle

During Morgan's visit to Maui from San Francisco, we had a blast for two weeks. F-One/Manera got us together with Lily for some freestyle and prone foil video shoots. For the first shoot we went to the other side of the island where Lily lives. I never wing there so I was excited to go experience it. We thought we were going to shoot freestyle, but it was way too light. So, we just cruised on our big wings. The spot is amazing, the color of the water and the landscape are way different than the North Shore and Dino got some great footage. This summer wasn’t the best for south swells, but we got lucky and managed to shoot a really fun prone day. Every time we got together to ride, it was all about having fun and going all out. One of the freestyle sessions ended up being hilarious, out of the blue we started doing synchronized tricks! I’d love to do these kinds of shoots again during the winter swells! @liamcoralle

Lily Buden

Liam, Morgan and I had just come back from a couple of successful competitions in Hood river, Oregon. Morgan flew out to Maui after Hood and we planned a shoot with my good friend Dino to get some wing foiling clips and prone foiling clips. We decided to have a wing foil and prone foil session on the westside and north shore. It took a couple of days to get all the shots we wanted and we were approached with some challenging conditions like light winds and some small waves. Thankfully I had the best gear from F-One. I alternated between riding my 4m Strike V3 and 3m Strike V3 and most of the time I was riding my SK8 850 or Escape 530 which made the mission a success. This was a great experience and I always enjoy riding with my fellow F-One teammates! @lilybuden

Morgan Ostermann

As a local of the Bay Area where waters stay at around 52° F during July-August and wetsuits are absolutely necessary for any kind of water sport, the warm waters of the Hawaiian Islands were a great change of pace. On Maui, everyone is out in boardshorts without a care in the world. This carefree, laidback vibe along with the amazing conditions are the reason why I'd like to go back any chance I get. I had briefly met Liam Coralle and Lily Buden previously at a racing event in San Francisco, but the two weeks I had stayed in Maui proved to really be a bonding experience with them, as well as Dino, our filmer. Personally, I had so much fun with the crazy wind conditions, the swell, and the vibe of the entire island. Overall, I loved the two weeks I stayed on Maui and would definitely go again if I get the opportunity. @morgan.ostermann