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F-One TX 138 tested in the Chesapeake Bay

25 Apr , 2013   Gallery

Review by DC Kites owner Vali Puscasu in the water of Chesapeake Bay. The 2013 TX 6 comes in 3 sizes this year: 134 x 39 | 136 x 40 and 138 x 41.

I got the TX a few months ago and I wanted to post a review on it for a while. Yesterday I had the chance to ride it again on the bay, on high 20s conditions and medium chop conditions. This was my third time on this board. I rode it a few times before in OBX.

The model I had is the 138cm. I started to ride longer boards in the past years because they help me get away with smaller kites and it is easier to land on them.

So I went out. I was almost overpowered on my Bandit 10 m and typically in these conditions, it is hard to ride fast on any board. Yet the TX help me hold my top speed with no problems, and I was shooting straight upwind. The board felt a little stiffer than my Trax 136 and need it a little more back foot pressure to be ridden fast in the chop. Usually I had a lot of spray in my face when I ride different boards in these conditions but on the TX the spray was minimal.

This board was going like a train trough the chop. The turns were very smooth and it was very easy to ride it toe-side.

Jumping is a breeze. It was very easy to load and pop, while I was sending the kite. The landings were super smooth, even with slacked line sometimes.

So to recap. I like the TX for pure freeride riding, with occasional old school big jumps tricks.

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