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27 Oct , 2019   Video

The SLICE has become an all-out strapless freestyle machine and is as well an easy and intuitive board to ride in the waves!

Key features:

• Strapless Freestyle Weapon
• Early planing and excellent pop
• Control during aerial tricks
• Fantastic wave-riding abilities

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Available in three sizes 5’1 , 5’3 & 5’5 and three constructions- Pro Carbon Comp, Pro Flex & Pro Bamboo. Different graphics according to construction, and carbon models are colored by size and available only in 5’1 & 5’3 sizes.

Matt Maxwell – Slice Pro Bamboo

The hot board this year is the Slice Pro Bamboo which is very light and comes with inserts for straps and tail pad only. You can use wax on this board because it does not come with a front pad or you can add an optional front matching color pad separably. The Pro Bamboo is also available in a Foil Convertible version with twin tracks in sizes 5’1 , 5’3 & 5’5!

The 5’5 is a new addition for 2020 in the Pro Flex and Pro Bamboo series. Get more info on F-One’s Kite Surfboard Collections here: F-One.world

View in 3D

View in 3D

Slice Pro Flex – 5’1, 5’3 & 5’5

Slice Pro Bamboo – 5’1, 5’3 & 5’5

Slice Pro Bamboo Foil Convertible – 5’1, 5’3 & 5’5

Slice Carbon Comp – 5’1 (red), 5’3 (yellow) (two sizes for Slice Carbon).

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