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F-ONE on top at the Ta-Hoe Nalu Race

17 Aug , 2015   Gallery

For the second year in a row, F-One had one of its rider at the top of the podium, both for the 10 and the 5 mile race ! This was a great accomplishment, big congrats to Keith McConnaughey ! Keith is from Santa Cruz, and also a member of the Covewater crew ( . Keith was using a Race Pro 14’ x 24.5”. We also want to congratulate Estani Bori who took second place in the Groms category! Turnout was great, a lot of people enjoyed demoing all the boards we brought up there in beautiful lake Tahoe. Click here for full 2015 Ta-Hoe Nalu race results. Enjoy the photo gallery below.

2015 Tahoe Nalu
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