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F-One leads The Kite Mag’s Ultimate Test Results

12 Mar , 2019  

THE KITE MAG – The Ultimate Test Results
8 March 2019 -Kite/ hydrofoils/ Inflatables/ Kites/ Twintips/ Boards/ Kitefoils

Bandit Kite – Performance Freeride Winner

The Kite Mag undertook an impressive testing process gathering gear from 24 brands and tested it across different categories: freeride, freestyle and foil.

We are thrilled to announce that our products have achieved multiple wins.

WTF C Kite – Freestyle Kite Winner

The BANDIT won the coveted top spot in the Performance Freeride kite category, the WTF!? also won in the Freestyle/Wakestyle kite category, while the BREEZE attained a Gold Award in the Monostrut kite category.

What they said:
“The Bandit is a highly tuned, genre spanning kite with its own personality, and the test team all agreed that it particularly excelled in this category. A credit to its lengthy product development and evolution.”

“Highly engaging out-and-out unhooked performance, but no slouch for powered boosting and looping. Very much a next generation C-kite.”

To read the full tests:

F-One WTF TT – Freestyle Board Winner

In boards, the WTF!? won the Freestyle category, and the F-ONE Trax Carbon was a joint winner in the Performance Freeride category, while the Trax ESL attained a Gold Award in the Freeride category.

F-One Trax TT – Performance Freeride Winner

What they said:
“A board that made performance freestyle comfortable in all conditions. The extremely playful WTF!? had excellent control at speed, made sashimi out of chop, dished up excellent pop and washed the experience down with immensely smooth landings.”

“Incredibly dynamic all-round performance. The Helical Rail Design supports the Trax’s superb grip and provides the ultimate balance between effective edging for pop, and super cushioned catch-free landings through water displacement. A test team favorite.”

To read the full test results:
WTF!? HRD Lite Tech

F-One IC6 Foil – All-Around Foil Winner

In foils, the IC6 850 was the outright winner in the All-Rounder category.
IC6 850 V.2

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