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F-One helping “Crossing For A Cure” charity challenge between Bahamas and Florida

25 Apr , 2018   Gallery

On June 16th, three Lake Worth Ocean Rescue Lifeguards will be taking on the “Crossing For A Cure”. A charity open water endurance paddle for Cystic Fibrosis through Piper’s Angels. This paddle challenge is a 75 mile trek from the Bahamas across the Gulf Stream back to their Lifeguard tower in Lake Worth.

All though they are doing it as a team, they all will be paddling the entire 75 miles together in the water at all times. Their drive and motivation to take on this challenge using the F-One Prone boards comes from a background as watermen and First Responders. It is their job to get to the victim as quickly as possible so they train on their boards every day in any conditions that are thrown at them.

Another part of being a Lifeguard is compassion and being selfless, doing everything you can do in your power to take care of those around you and assist those in need. Piper was Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of 4, Travis (founder of Crossing for a Cure and Piper’s Angels) and Piper are dear friends of the Watermen. They will go to hell and back to put a smile on Piper’s face because after all she has dealt with from the struggles of CF it’s the least they can do. This endurance paddle, which also serves as a demonstration to Piper of how one can overcome life challenges and face fear, has now evolved into a movement that encompasses the entire cystic fibrosis community.

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