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F-One Grom Wing Festival – Vote Your Favorite Video

9 Oct , 2020  

Wing foiling is proving to be a magnet for all kind of different backgrounds (kiting, windsurf, sailing, surfing…) and also different age group. One group that we love to see on the water having so much fun are the young ones. And they are having a blast! They don’t need to be advanced kiteboarders or foilers to start doing this, they can pick up wing foiling in no time, and then you turn around and next time you see them they will jump over you.

In the San Francisco area, we are blessed with daily strong wind for a large part of the year and this young group of kids are showing everybody how it’s done. Average age is 14.

We had this idea to bring them all to a place where we could (legally) fly a drone, get some footage from the water (thanks GoPro) + the shore too (check out the whole album here). Treasure Island that day (Saturday September 19, 2020) was the spot to be. There is no beach per say, more like a windsurfing spot, but who needs a beach when you wing foil?

We would give them the footage and each of them would create their own edit during their time off, and voila! they are all big time winners anyway, but still, let’s do a “Vote for the best Video” contest just for the fun of it.

So here are the entry videos, ranked by age, watch them all, rank them and the winner will feature in the F-One social media channels!

Only one vote person please!

Video #1 by Henry Vare

Video #2 by Morgan Ostermann

Video #3 by Morgan Headington

Video #4 by Chris MacDonald

Video #5 by Marie Rose