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F-One Foils Explained

26 Apr , 2022  

Built with our original Foil Compression Technology, the GRAVITY FCT range is a fantastic option for anybody looking to discover foiling and wing foiling. Accessible, forgiving, and reliable, this foil was designed to provide a solid lift with an easy and progressive take-off. Its aspect ratio of 5.0 also results in great stability and control.

The IC6 950 V3 is more accessible than ever. With an aspect ratio of 4.4, this foil is incredibly versatile, intuitive, and predictable, and offers a large range of use and a great potential for progression in kite foiling.

Transform your kite foiling experience with the MIRAGE CARBON foil. Designed for carving and freeriding, the MIRAGE brings lift even at low speeds, and is fun, versatile, and easy to use. With a 4.5 aspect ratio, incredible stability and huge speed range, its rail-to-rail surf feeling is unmatched.

Catch me if you can. Nothing short of a masterpiece of hydrodynamic refinement, the ESCAPE HM CARBON was designed to foil at high speeds with full control no matter the conditions. With its aspect ratio of 6.0 and Full Monobloc construction, this foil will lead to the most exhilarating kite foil ride.

Built with our innovative Foil Compression Technology, this PHANTOM FCT foil brings effortless glide. Just like its carbon counterpart, this foil does everything and does it well. Its aspect ratio of 6 and medium span guarantee an easy surf, agile carving, efficient pumping, and maneuverability. The FCT technology results in one of the most accessible and scalable foil setups on the market, all while maintaining the DNA, performance, and program of our PHANTOM range.

The PHANTOM CARBON foil is already a legend. This foil does everything, and does it well. Its aspect ratio of 6.0 and medium span guarantee speed, glide, agile carving, performance, maneuverability, and efficient pumping. The smaller sizes are also fantastic for freestyle sessions. The PHANTOM is a must-have in anyone’s quiver.

Surf, power, and flow. This is what our PHANTOM-S CARBON foil is all about. This foil brings great maneuverability and incredible carving, no matter how tight or wide the turns. With its 6.5 aspect ratio, this foil is ideal for surf and wing foil freestyle sessions, and also ensures unreal speed and glide on the water.

Finally free. With its 9.5 aspect ratio, very thin profile and upturned winglets, the EAGLE HM CARBON foil is designed to bring you thrilling speed potential, incomparable downwind sensations, and everlasting cruising time above the water.

It’s time to foil away. Thanks to its 7.5 aspect ratio, the SEVEN SEAS CARBON foil delivers fantastic glide, upwind and speed abilities. Its thin profile, winglets, and optimized design also lead to minimal drag in the water, and will help you ease into the amazing downwind world.

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