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F-One and Manera Welcome Ambassador Lauren Bibby

23 Jul , 2016   Gallery

Lauren Bibby is the newest addition to the F-One, Manera and Bay Area Kitesurf Ambassador team. Lauren has a dream job in Baja Mexico at the famous Solosports Adventure Compound! Learn more about Lauren and check out her latest pictures taken off the coast of Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico by Teammate Joey Sanchez.

Lauren chooses to use the Manera Meteor Series Wetsuit, Exo Harness, Bandit kite and the Mitu Pro surfboard. We are very excited to have Lauren on the team and look forward to working with her more in the near future. Keep shredding Lauren!

Rider: Lauren Bibby
Location: Baja Mexico

Lauren Bibby Ambassador (7 of 11)

When did you start kiting?
I started kiting about 4 years ago in Tarifa, Spain. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world to flat water spots, until I came to Punta San Carlos last year, where I first started to ride waves, and have been hooked ever since!

How did a British girl end up working for Solosports in Punta San Carlos?
I first heard about Solosports two years ago when I became friends with Joey who has been working here for several years. He convinced me of how amazing it is, so I decided to check it out for myself last October. I had the time of my life and decided right then that I wanted to come back and spend the season here. Luckily I got the job and am having the best summer ever!!

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What do you like the most about Baja?
This is a tough question; I don’t think I can pick only one thing! This place is so special and unique, it’s a place to escape, to truly enjoy the epic conditions we get here. It’s off the beaten path, and just such a beautiful peaceful place, that makes you appreciate the important things in life, and did I mention the conditions are epic! They say ‘you just don’t know until you go’…. it’s totally 100% true.
What is your favorite kite and kite size for Punta San Carlos?
I love to ride the F-One Bandit, probably a 6 or 7m. F-One was the first kite I ever bought, I love how responsive it is and feels so smooth to ride with. It gets pretty windy out here so I love the 6m, the small kites are just so fun.

What is your favorite board and board size for Punta San Carlos?
I have a Darren Handley 5’2 surf board which I love, it’s pretty small, but super snappy and light. I just tried the new F-One Mitu pro 5’4 surf board and loved it too, the turns were so smooth, easy to ride and really comfortable. It’s the perfect size for me here with these bigger waves.

What is your typical day working with Solosports?
The day usually starts off relaxed with breakfast, and helping guests out if they want an early morning sup, surf or mountain bike ride. Then when the wind starts to kick in I help guests with their gear, rigging and launching and keeping an eye on everyone in case of any kitemares! Throughout the day I’m launching and landing kites, enjoying a delicious Mexican lunch and trying to find a time when I can go out and get a session in. In the evening I’ll get the bar ready for the night’s margaritas and Baja Fog’s and enjoy some appetizers (my favorite, the fresh crab!) before another delicious Mexican feast (we definitely don’t go hungry here). I clear up at the end of the day and go to bed happy and full, ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

Can you explain the Baja Fog??
Rule 1. you cannot come to Punta San Carlos and not have a fog! Rule 2. you cannot fog alone. Take a nice cold Corona, fill it nearly to the top with tequila and finish it off with fresh lime juice. Say ‘Fog you, you fogging fog’ to your fellow watermen/women and down the neck of the bottle, then enjoy the rest of the fog at your own pace! Perfectly refreshing after that awesome session on the water.


What do you like so much about riding waves?
Another tough question, only as the feeling is so indescribable. There’s something about the ocean that sets me free, and something about waves that demand respect and make me humble. Dropping in on that smooth building wave, the crest feathering above you, the bottom turn, focus, speed, then hitting the section … there’s nothing else to feel than the wave and you, and what a feeling it is.

What did you learn when Mitu was here for his two wave camps?
Well firstly what a great guy! Incredible to watch on the water and so genuine and humble. I learned a ton from him, a lot of tips about safety and equipment, and he helped me out with my top turns, improving my timing, kite position and body position. I also got some tips about strapless airs and working on my tacks.

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