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Event Recap: Mitu Wave Camp – Week 1

23 Jun , 2016  

We just wrapped up the 3rd annual Mitu Wave Camp in San Carlos, Baja, Mexico. We want to thank Solosports (Kevin, Joey, Lauren, Clark and all the crew who work tirelessly to provide great food, booze, etc… in this remote place that has no electricity nor water); and who have been hosting guests in this awesome place since 1988 (and the reason why this camp exists in the first place), F-One International for helping with Mitu’s logistics and of course Mitu for being Mitu! We had an awesome group of guests and we want to thank all of you for being a part of this special wave camp, and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you again Curtis (USA), Maciek (PL), Mike (USA), Mathew (AUS), Arkadiusz (PL), Robert (USA), Avi (IL), Erez (IL), Naomi (IL), Omer (IL), Jack (USA), hope to see you again next year!

The Crew, day one

Another year goes by and here we are again, Punta San Carlos, Baja California!

Always a pleasure to fly in via Kevin Trejo’s team of ace pilots – a mere two hour flight from San Diego Brownfield Airport. Easy flight for some, however this year we received campers from all the world: Israel, Australia, Poland and the UK – not a short flight for sure, but well worth the end result… with wind, waves, the odd Baja Fog* or two and full time instruction from the Maestro himself, Mitu Monteiro, longtime member of the F-One Global Pro Surf Team, coming all the way from Cabo verde. The cool thing about the set up for this wave camp at Solosports is you basically have Mitu day in and day out working with you in the water and on land to reach your personal goals for becoming a better kite-surfer

Wether your tack or/and jibe are not quite coming together or timing with your bottom turn and/or cut back are not connecting, Mitu takes you through the motions, providing critical feedback so that by the end of the week you feel and notice the improvements in your skill level. Did I mention that all gear is provided – 2016 Bandits of all sizes , 2016 Mitu Pro surfboards, 2016 Signatures surfboards of all sizes and a fair selection of Stand Up Paddleboards for that morning pre kite session – just bring your wetsuit and harness… thats it!!

One word of advise for all newcomers is PACE yourself ! It can be so tempting to go bonkers during the first and second day only to find yourself unable to walk come day three… not a terrible problem, but can put you on the bench overlooking the break, popping an Advil or two.

I’m really stoked to be able to accompany Mitu during this first week of his annual Mitu Wave Camp in Baja , watching him pass-on his profound knowledge of wave riding, strapless air moves and yes, even a little capoeira, then seeing the progression of each and every guest, until next year, Saúde !

Bruce Johnson
F-One America

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2016 Mitu Wave Camp - Week 1

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