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F-One America welcomes Evan Drye to the junior team

25 Mar , 2014   Gallery

1472975_1498316953727144_1946168438_nF-One in America is  stoked to have young grom Evan Drye joining the team. Evan is quite young but already very passionate about kiteboarding and wants to join the F-One Next Generation team (currently in Tarifa). Evan is riding the latest F-One gear (Bandit kite and Next Generation ACID twin tip). Plus Underwave wetsuit. He is all set ! We will meet him and his very supportive dad Kevin at the next Kite Expo in Pismo Beach April 11-13.

We sent Evan a list of questions and here are the unfiltered answers

  • What’s your Age? 9
  • How long have you been kiting? 1 year
  • What gear do you use and what size? Bandit 7m & 9m 127  next gen board
  • When did you start kiteboarding? March of last year
  • What tricks are you working on right now? Handle pass and double backroll
  • Do any of your friend in school want to kiteboard as well? Yes
  • Where is your favorite place to kite? Ft. Walton Beach
  • Are you following the F-One Next Generation team? Yes. What do you think you need to accomplish to integrate the team? More unhooked tricks
  • Do you know of a kiteboarding spot you wish you could go to? France and Hood River