Epic Tow Foiling in Puerto Rico

Phillip Morstad, Founder and Co-Owner of Goodwinds, had an exceptional day scoring big waves on his foil in Puerto Rico.

On that remarkable day, Phillip experienced an unprecedented level of comfort while riding big waves. He was able to ride deep and fast while maintaining full control. What made his setup truly unique was its ability to handle slow-speed riding and pumping, which is typically challenging with smaller wings.

Phil’s Gear Selection

In the world of surfing, where the thrill lies in every turn and the essence of the sport is capturing that perfect shred, the F-One SK8 Foil takes center stage. Crafted with precision for the art of surfing, this foil doesn’t just turn; it carves. It’s a game-changer, enhancing control, maneuverability, and delivering pure glide that elevates your surfing experience to new heights.

With an Aspect Ratio of 8.0, the SK8 boasts an outline designed to facilitate sharp turns and the ability to push hard while executing fast, controlled carves. Its ingenious lobe design strikes a perfect balance between maneuverability and glide, offering surfers the freedom to ride with ease while maintaining efficient pumping.

The wingtips of the SK8 are intelligently crafted to interact with the water’s foam and breach the wingtip without causing turbulence or cavitation, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted ride. Its exceptional speed makes it the ideal foil for surfers, whether you’re conquering offshore swells or taking on the challenge of the shorebreak with a wing.

At the core of the SK8’s excellence is its monobloc construction, a testament to rigidity, durability, and extraordinary glide. It’s the foil that allows you to tap into your flow, feel every turn, and prepare to shred like never before. With the F-One SK8 Foil, you’re not just riding the wave; you’re carving your path to surfing nirvana.

Interested in scoring your own once-in-a-lifetime wave? Join Phil in Puerto Rico, where he offers tow foiling and a multitude of other wind and water sport adventures.