Discover the 2015 F-One TRAX HRD Carbon Twin Tip In 3D

Get ready, the NEW TRAX Carbon is bad to the bone. Check it out in 3D and find out what we changed for 2015!

The new 2015 Carbon Trax will amaze you:

135 x 39 2.3 kg*
136 x 40.5 2.35 kg*
137 x 42 2.4 kg*
140 x 45 (LW) 2.5 kg*

  • Check the catalog¬†for more details
  • New reinforced flat deck shape
    on feet area
  • More resistance
  • New carbon construction, new layup
  • Maximum strength / weight ratio
  • Impressive Shape
  • Unmatched smooth riding, incredible drive,
    earlier Planning, better upwind skills
  • Revolutionary Helical Rail Design
  • Superior edging, impressive stability
    and precision, huge comfort,
    forgiving, easier landing
  • Bi-color sidewall
  • 3D Viewer