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Dealer Spotlight: BLUERUSH in Sausalito, CA

18 Apr , 2015  

There aren’t a lot of dedicated SUP shop in Northern California and Bluerush is a standout, especially in the Bay Area. We are proud that they have decided to carry F-One and Manera in their new shop in Sausalito. They cater to the flat waters of the Bay (perfect for racing and touring) but also to the wave riding spots such as Bolinas or Dillon Beach in the Northern Coast. They just received a fresh batch of the all around Manawa but also the surf oriented Madeiro and Anakao boards. They will also get soon enough the race boards. Do not hesitate to contact them if  you want to demo or get a F-One board and/or Manera accessories.

Not only they help and support a lot of SUP races and events in the Bay (they organize the Battle of the Bay, or BOB October 2015 17-18) but they are also the title sponsor behind the renowned kiteboarding Thursday Night Race Series hosted by the St Francis Yacht Club. With F-One going all in with their foiling program (both foil and ram air kites) and Joey Pasquali (also a Bluerush Team Member) already showing that the upcoming F-One ram air kite is FAST (he won the first night of the series, finishing the 3 races 1/1/2), Bluerush is also getting into kiteboarding as well.

 We did a Q&A with Steve Pugh, Bluerush owner.


F-One Pro Race

Address Shop: 1201 C Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965 –

Main Contacts: Stephen Pugh & Shaun Lockerby

What got you into the SUP business? I fell in love with the sport back in 2009, opened Bluerush in 2010 and never looked back.

Is SUP your main business or you are also involved in other watersports? SUP in Bluerush’s primary business but we are getting into kiteboarding as well. We support both a SUP race team as well as Kiteboard race team.

What is your most memorable memory of SUP? Crossing the Kawai Channel during the Molokai to Oahu. There is nothing like it.

What are your favorite local spots? For flat water SUP, Richardson Bay. For SUP surfing, Dillon Beach and Bolinas.

What is your favorite local restaurant / bar after a SUP session? Bar Bocce across from us in Sausalito.

Why did you choose to carry F-One and Manera? Bluerush has always been on the cutting edge of SUP and now kiteboarding. This is why we have teamed up with F.One and Manera.



F-One 2015 Madeiro and Anakao