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DC Kites reviews the Trax 136

25 Mar , 2013  

Source: DC Kites – Rider: Vali Puscasu

 By tradition the Trax it is a very smooth board with a lot of rocker. That made me ride a bigger size that I usually ride. (my size for a pure freestyle board is 132) I went this year on a 136 board. Last year I rode the same size.

The board is as smooth as the older models but this time I felt that the low end improved a little bit, so probably I could get away with a 134 board. It loads very easy and pops very easy out of the water. I felt that it got a little bit stiffer than last year but with more pop.
I tested this board in mid teens to high 30s and every time I was happy with my choice.
Where actually this board shines is the overpowered days when you are on the upper end of your kite range and in high irregular chop. You can hold your edge on it, without skidding on the water and due the double concave bottom is slashing though the chop with no spray on the face, which makes it the perfect board for the choppy bay conditions we have here.

lens Justin

Another change for this year are the straps. This year they come in M and L size so everyone will fit with no problems.