Dane Mcbride Dials in the Rocket SUP DW Pro

“I have had this board for about a month now and pretty much tested it in all areas of foiling.
A lot of people ask me, why go to a longer board? It opens up more foiling. 

I use this board for DW, sup surfing, wing and prone! Once you figure out the mast placement and where you like to stand you can use the swing weight to your advantage. I like how the board has an even thickness throughout the board. 

The carbon board feels really light while I’m pumping. Very good control and very predictable. I currently like to ride my Eagle 990 and Sk8 750 with this board. I encourage all foilers to try get into stand up paddling and try a longer board! You’ll have fun! ALOHA”

Dane Mcbride is a talented surfer, foiler, downwind SUPer and Winger from the island of Kaui, HI. Check out more of Dane’s foil content on his instagram @daneokauai !

Dane’s Favorites