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28 Aug , 2015   Video

The Platinium3 Bindings are probably the most comfortable combo strap / pad on the market!


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TUTORIAL: How to Disassemble a F-One Foil?

14 Jul , 2015   Video

Also for your reference: Foil User Guide

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Tutorial – How to Retrofit your F-One Bar with new 2014 Quick Release

26 Mar , 2014   Video

Big thanks to Vincent Nicolas, member of BAKS staff, to have put this video together. It will show you how to retrofit your bar, either a 2014 bar (use the new ring) or a 2013 and prior (reuse existing ring).

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Robert Graham explains how the bridles work

9 Oct , 2013   Video

Robert Graham explains how the bridles work on the new 2014 Bandit. Very informative !


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F-One Team Rider Ella Johnson Demonstrates Launching a Kiteboarding Kite

31 May , 2012   Video

How to safely launch a kiteboarding kite.  F-One Team Rider Ella Johnson helped out The Kiteboarder Magazine with a demo video for their YouTube channel where you can find informational videos covering topics from beginner to advanced riding. Ella’s gear: BanditV kite, Underwave Imperial Waist Harness, Underwave Sultane Wetsuit

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Tutorial: Front side off the lip with Alec Dektor

14 May , 2012   Video

The basic frontside off the lip is every rider’s introduction to riding a wave with a kite. A good top turn involves a lot of timing between your kite, your board position, and the wave and it can take some time to pull it all together.


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How to setup your surf straps

5 Feb , 2012  

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How to choose the right Surfboard?

31 Mar , 2011  

This 2011 surf buyer guide Q&A will help you out decide… also don’t hesitate to ask us directly.


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Self Landing a F-One Bandit 3 / Bandit 4

21 Mar , 2011  

Tutorial – How to self land a delta kite Bandit 3 and Bandit 4

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How to setup your adjustable surf straps?

10 Feb , 2011  

How to setup adjustable surf straps

How to setup your adjustable surf straps using the new strap lock systems. Available on 2011 series.

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How to setup the 3rd Line Kit on a Source ?

4 Feb , 2011  

3rd line kit tutorial for the Source. We are offering a free 3rd line kit for any purchase of a complete Source kite, which greatly improve the relaunching ability. Ask your dealer for more info.

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Kiting in the surf – weapons of choice

10 May , 2010  

Brian Friedmann is one of the best rider at Wadell and has extensive knowledge and experience for riding in the waves. Very interesting insights…

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