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Join us in Brazil this fall to test 2011 gear

31 Aug , 2010  

Great wind, great downwinders, good waves, all you can ask for plus the chance to try the new Bandit 4, twin tips and surfboard.

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High End Summer Package F-One B3/Surf/TT at 15%

30 Aug , 2010  

Take advantage of this perfect high end summer package that you have been waiting for. BANDIT III + any twin tips or bamboo surf at 15% off!! Stock and sizes are limited so don’t wait! Contact your local F-One dealer today!

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Demo the F-One Source in Florida and the Bay Area this weekend

14 Aug , 2010  

Come and try the Source, the first dedicated kite for Stand Up Boarding. Full US demo tour.


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2 Aug , 2010  

Introducing the First Dedicated Stand Up Kite, 2 line setup, for light wind conditions. Open up kiteboarding to a greater audience.

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Alex Soto and Robinson Hillario – PKRA Cabarete 2010 – Highlights

19 Jul , 2010  

Highlights of the PKRA Cabarete, Dominican Republic, the Kitesurfing Caribbean capital.

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KB4C 2010

15 Jul , 2010   Gallery

Jim Buttrick, regional F-One rider, participated at the KB4C. Great event for a great cause.

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Alex Soto featured in a French mag

18 Jun , 2010  

Alex Soto is featured in the current French mag Kiteboarder.



The DR Boys Going for the PKRA Wild Card

18 Jun , 2010  

Alex Soto and Robinson Hilario celebrated their wild card wins with a final battle pitting Soto the mentor versus Hilario the protégé in the DR Freestyle Championship.


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F-One West Coast Summer Demo Tour

17 Jun , 2010  

F-One Demo Tour with stop in Jones Beach, OR – C Street Ventura – Kite Expo Demo in Belmont – Cayucos & Sherman Island. You could try out all the F-One kites, surfs and twin tips we have in the lineup

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F-One Demo 3 Days in Oregon June 25/26/27

16 Jun , 2010  

Air Pirates Kiteboarding is organizing a F-One Demo 3 Day at Jones Beach, in Oregon – June 25/26 & 27th. If you are around, do not hesitate to join, it will be a lot of fun, camping, BBQ, and the F-One gear, Bandit, revolt, Twin Tips, etc…


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Photo Contest! Win a F-One Dry Shirt

25 May , 2010  

Submit a personal photo that best captures the F-One lifestyle and you will have a chance to win a F-One Dry Shirt every month.

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2010 F-One Revolt 3, size 13m review

22 May , 2010  

A short recap: great low end, slower than the B3, more stable, awesome relaunching due the delta shape (better than the b3)