We could not be more excited to release the 2016 Bandit! After 9 years of development on the Bandit, we have yet again improved and refined each size for its program. #banditkite
Check out this awesome collection by Mark Harpur AKA: Luckybeanz_Photo featuring some of the coolest shots from the 2015 Mitu Wave Camp in Baja Mexico.
The 17 meter BANDIT Being at the top of ours with its awesome 3 strut design. Super stable and extremely maneuverable for a 17m kite makes this an awesome freestyle weapon.
Sizes Tested (m): 12, 14 Review Synopsis: The F-One Bandit 8 is true all-terrain magician, with slippery smooth handling, better boost than…
Long Distance Gun : A concept board ? This is a special occasion as it is a historic board that we are now presenting! The conception of this gun started in 2005! At that time, the great downwind races were looking promising: leaving downwind full speed onto the open sea with winds blowing above 30 kts appeared to me as the most thrilling discipline. We have therefore developed this specific gun shape but the trend then evolved towards windward/leeward, inshore racing.
Thanks to Dan Corbett and and his mighty crew of the SCKA and Friends for laying out a great weekend of demoing on the beach . Dinner on Saturday night , provided by Ruth Corbett was outstanding - simply delicious ! Conditions varied for the two days, and overall provided for prime hydro foiling conditions .
Join us this coming week end May 16/17 in the Los Angeles area, in Long Beach, at the BELMONT SHORE KITE EXPO to demo all F-One gear, new 17m Bandit + other sizes, Mitu and Signature Surfs, Fish, Trax, Acid & Spicy Twin Tips; and the new F-One foil (only for foilers, no beginners please) !
"The biggest news for this hugely popular board this year is the new construction. Gone is the double bamboo sandwich, and in is a new technique that F-One are calling the HD Foam Flex Composite. The new construction is really tough and provides a very smooth ride in the choppiest of waters and there is plenty of control at high speed." - Rou Chater, Iksurf magazine
3 years ago now, F-ONE launched the Next Generation Team to help, form and train young riders. This year, eleven promising young kids from all over the world, aged to 10 to 17 years old, had been selected to take part to the 2015 training camp in Fuerteventura (Canaria Islands) with Etienne LHOTE, a former F-one pro-rider who is now coaching and sharing his experience. It was an exceptional week for those up-and-coming pro riders! They had gread conditions and were able to get ready for the upcoming junior competitions.
I was unsure what to expect from our participation in the event. I knew F-One recently made a splash by adding top ranked Maxime Nocher to its Foil team and forming with Romain Castel a nice one two punch. This would also be the grand debut of the all new F-One ram air kite, a ultra high aspect kite (or foil kite, or parafoil) that few people even knew existed in the first place. Right from the get-go and the first practice sessions, the new kite proved to be already