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Win a Bandit 6 !!!

23 Aug , 2012  

The official worldwide launch of the Bandit 6 is September 6 (right on time at Surf Expo) with a countdown and a nice perk: Win a Bandit6 !. If you want to know more before the official launch and try to win the B6, just click . The more people will click the more information […]


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Introducing New F-One VOLT2 Freeride Kite

9 Mar , 2012  

F-ONE VOLT 2  Freeride kite will be landing in our warehouse at the end of this month. Directly inspired from BANDIT V technology: 3 smaller struts, one pump, 2 back line positions, new strut construction, reinforcements… Lighter, with higher performances than the previous edition, the VOLT 2 still remains slower than the B5, with more […]

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F-One featured in TKB “Buyer’s guide”

3 Nov , 2011  

Check the 2012 F-One gear on TKB “Buyer’s Guide” and find out what we have new for you this year.

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Recall of the Release Handle on the 2011 Airlite Bar

27 Oct , 2011  

Recall of the Release Handle on the 2011 Airlite Bar. More information at www.f-onekites.com.

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2012 F-One Bandit V – Most wanted

2 Sep , 2011  

“With the B5 we have largely achieved all our initial objectives over the B4. Lighter, more maneuverable and responsive ; the B5 is even smoother and ultimately more enjoyable and more effective regardless of the type of riding you do.”

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Introducing the VOLT | F-One FREERIDE kite

31 Jan , 2011  

It combines all the qualities of the Bandit IV to the easiness of use of the Revolt.

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All you need to know about the B4 | www.bandit4.com

18 Jan , 2011  

All you need to know about the Bandit 4, the technology, the bars, the wind range, the color, the interviews of the designers, videos, the feedback from the pro-riders, etc.. all in one really cool website.


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2011 F-One Airlite bar – video presentation by Julian Hosp

30 Nov , 2010  

Julian Hosp, F-One team rider, did a video presentation of the new 2011 Airlite bar, and showing us how to trim it, use the freestyle setup, and some more tips of how to use it properly and safely!

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2011 F-One Kiteboarding catalog is online

15 Oct , 2010  

You will find out all the information you need about our kites, boards and accessories.

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2011 F-One Sneak Peek

7 Sep , 2010  

Preview of the 2011 F-One gear from the Mauritius importer meeting. The 2011 Bandit 4, 2011 Source, the twin tip line and the surf board line.


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2 Aug , 2010  

Introducing the First Dedicated Stand Up Kite, 2 line setup, for light wind conditions. Open up kiteboarding to a greater audience.

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Kiting in the surf – weapons of choice

10 May , 2010  

Brian Friedmann is one of the best rider at Wadell and has extensive knowledge and experience for riding in the waves. Very interesting insights…

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