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Sierra Summit Snowkiting Week End

31 Jan , 2013   Gallery

Keep in mind this is the first dedicated snowkite zone in California that has the support of a well respected ski resort, within an easy three hour drive from the Bay Area.


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Epic conditions in the northwest and one demo to remember !

9 Oct , 2012  

It all came together for some truly epic East wind conditions. The Gorge delivered anything and everything from 15mph to 40mph plus and the new Bandit 6 handled it all with ease.
“So smooth”, “I didn’t even have to think about the kite.”, “This board is amazing”, “F-One has always made good boards, but wow.”


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F-One Demo Tour

4 Oct , 2012  

Get ready !, F-One in America will be coming soon to your favorite spot so you will have an opportunity to try the entire lineup of F-One products, from the new Bandit 6, the twin tips (Trax, TX, SK8, Acid, Rookie, Unik and Next), the surboards (Fish 5’4, 5’6 an 5’10), Signature (5’10 and 6’0), […]


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Surf Expo showcases F-One Kiteboarding, Manera, F-One SUP, Underwave & Ocean Glasses + Cape Hatteras Demo

20 Aug , 2012  

Going to the Surf Expo in Orlando September 6-8?  Be sure to visit us at Booth 1172 to check out F-One’s kiteboarding gear and the all new Bandit 6, new surfboards and twin tips; Manera kiteboarding travel bags; F-One SUP lineup, Underwave wetsuits and harnesses, including the Vacust technology for custom fit support, and Ocean […]

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F-One SUP Line For Demo at San Francisco Battle of The Bay

16 Aug , 2012  

The full F-One SUP line will be available for demo at the 2012 Battle of the Bay  Standup Paddle Board Race in San Francisco October 13-14. Check out the full line of F-One SUP Boards here and the full line of F-One paddles here.

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Wrap Up: Bay Area Demos

8 Jun , 2012  

There’s always that worry when planning a kite demo that mother nature will cooperate and send wind.  Or, as in the case of the F-One June 2 demo at Coyote Point – that there is too much of a good thing. The day looked promising as wind was up enough early in the morning that […]

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June 2- 3 Boardsports Host F-One Kite & SUP Demo at Coyote Point & 3rd Ave

29 May , 2012  

Onsite Boardsports will be hosting a demo of F-One Kite and SUP Gear at Coyote Point and 3rd Ave. Bay Area Kitesurf will be bringing out all the toys for you to demo. Tiwntips, surf boards, kites, SUP boards, paddles. And be sure to check out the line of Manera travel and board bags. When […]

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Wrap Up: Alameda Demo Preview: Upcoming Demos

8 May , 2012  

For a spot that has a reputation for being a wind tease, Alameda has delivered every time Boardsports School hosts a demo with BAKS. By the time we had unloaded the car full of SUPS (there’s a total of 5 on there for anyone counting) the wind was already picking up enough for The Source.  […]

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F-One SUP is Coming to Santa Cruz!

8 May , 2012  

Santa Cruz is one of the best place for SUP, fitting perfectly with the local culture.  With the variety of conditions from the calm harbor to breaking waves at Steamers Lane and the mellow waves at Cowell’s Beach there is something for every skill level. And F-One SUP boards have a range of boards to […]

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The Pismo Expo Wind Curse is Broken!

26 Apr , 2012  

For several years where mother nature seemed to have a sick sense of humor, sending wind to Pismo the days before the expo, leaving it dead calm through the expo weekend and sending wind again as soon as it ended.  This year the Pismo Expo “no wind” curse was broken. The F-One team traveled down […]

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Results of 2012 SUP Paddle Shootout in Santa Cruz

2 Apr , 2012  

Story told from Olivier Guincetre alias -OGee-, F-One SUP rider, pro mountain biker based in Santa Cruz The F-One team participated in the 2012 SUP Paddle Shootout sponsored by Surftech. The Annual Santa Cruz Paddle Festival event held at Steamer Lane and Cowell’s Beach allowed remote and local kayak paddlers and SUP racers/riders a chance […]

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F-One Americas Expands Partnership with Boardsports School & Shop

12 Mar , 2012  

The North American distributor of F-One Kiteboarding & SUP, Manera and Underwave (Bay Area Kitesurf Inc.) is thrilled to announce that we have expanded our partnership with Boardsports School & Shop, our leading dealer in the Bay Area. The school will now be using the latest F-One gear with F-One trained instructors.  In addition, Boardsports […]