All you need to know about the 2014 F-One SUP collection is in this catalog, all boards (madeiro, madeiro pro, anakao, manawa, race, race pro, matira) and all paddles (peak, battle). There are also some great products video for each collection. And if you want to know about pricing for the North American market, you can visit
Developed to meet the demands of the elite racers, the F-ONE 2014 RACE range now offers some PRO models with full carbon construction to offer the lightest weight with great handling. Lighter than ever with their refined and high performance shape these unique boards will bring you to the top steps of the podiums.
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Panama was the 1st stop of the 2014 PKRA tour and Robinson, in great form, and after a 2 years hiatus on the pro circuit, made a big splash ! Big congrats to him. It's also noticeable that he was competing in boots using the new wake board (Spicy) that F-One released this year, whereas before he was using a more traditional new school board (Acid).
The MANWA range has been designed to offer some versatile, stable and perfectly accessible boards. They will prove ideal for all the family cruising out at sea, on rivers or lakes but will also enable you to surf and catch your first waves. The range is made of five boards from 10'6 to 8'6'' to fit anyone's weight and level with the right volume/length ratio
With our pro-team requiring ever lighter boards in competitions and international events, we have developed a new carbon construction. We have been so impressed by the performances and reliability of these MADEIRO boards weighing less than 6kg and we have decided to make it available to every rider. Designed with a slightly narrower width (-1") than the equivalent length Full Bamboo model, these MADEIRO PRO range therefore offers a wider selection of width to satisfy the most demanding riders.
Acceleration, maximum carving, tight turns, vertical off the lip and re-entry... The MADEIRO boards are direct developments of our pro team. With some particular input from our experienced rider Rémi QUIQUE the 2014 range has been re-designed. Special attention has been brought to he volume distribution for a better stability. The double concave in the front sections has been removed and the angle of the bevels has been changed together with the shape of the rail. The outline receives a new squash tail.
F-One Bandit kite voted best kite ! again ! and by a wide margin ! see all the results...
“Very comfortable, lightweight board that is good at handling chop - Feels fast with good upwind ability, turns well but a little skaty - Loved this board – turns well, playful with great pop and upwinds well,”
Come try out some of the new F-One kites, boards and SUP's this Sunday at Kite Beach in Jupiter, FL from 10am-4pm! Hosted by Jupiter Kiteboarding
“I was surprised by how well the bigger sizes responded and went upwind really well yet had good drift. This is a great kite for the Gorge" "Great all around, fast turning, stable, really fun and user friendly" Easy to boost, great lift with fast turning and quick flying speed with plenty of low end,”
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