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5 Nov , 2012  

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Summer Strapless Session

17 Sep , 2012  

F-One Team Rider, Alec Dektor,  loses the straps for a summer kiting session on the California Coast. Alec’s Gear:Bandit 5 Kite, new 2013 5’11″Surf and 2012 Signature 6’0 Contact your local F-One Dealer to try out and buy the gear. Summer Sessions from Alec Dektor on Vimeo.  

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Surf Expo showcases F-One Kiteboarding, Manera, F-One SUP, Underwave & Ocean Glasses + Cape Hatteras Demo

20 Aug , 2012  

Going to the Surf Expo in Orlando September 6-8?  Be sure to visit us at Booth 1172 to check out F-One’s kiteboarding gear and the all new Bandit 6, new surfboards and twin tips; Manera kiteboarding travel bags; F-One SUP lineup, Underwave wetsuits and harnesses, including the Vacust technology for custom fit support, and Ocean […]

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Review: Underwave Wetsuit

3 Aug , 2012  

Written by Alec Dektor I have surfed and/or kited everyday since I got my new Underwave suit and harness.  The 5x3mm Imperial full suit is very warm; it is also very flexible and does not restrict my arms or legs which helps me kite exactly how I want to.  I can be in the water […]

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What is Vacust and How Can It Improve Your Next Kiteboarding Session?

12 Jul , 2012  

Vacust is a technology for creating custom fit molds for gear such as kiteboarding harnesses, ski boots, back packs, saddles, etc. How does Vacust work? The Vacust system is an air tight pocket filled with small particles.  Different types of fillings create different characteristics such as flexibility or high impact reduction.  When the air is […]


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The Kiteboarder Review: Underwave Harness

12 Jul , 2012  

Original Source: The Kiteboarder Magazine June 15, 2012 Using an air-tight pouch within the shell, the Imperial harness molds to your back when you pump the air out of it, creating a truly customized fit. $269 www.underwave.info. Visit Bay Area Kitesurf for information about this product in North America.  The Underwave Imperial Vacuum Harness is […]

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F-One USA Summer Sale!

12 Jul , 2012  

Now is the time to flip that quiver. Inventory is limited. Contact your local F-One retailer now to get the size and model you want. Bandit 5 – 15% Off Bandit 5 + Board Package – 15% Off Choose any twingip or surf kiteboard Includes Free pump and Playa board bag Volt2 +UNIK Twintip board […]

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Underwave Vacuust Technology

5 Feb , 2012  

Open publication – Free publishing – More harness

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Catalog: Underwave 2012 Global

5 Nov , 2011  

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Dealer Locator – Kiteboarding

2 Feb , 2011  

Displays F-One dealers and schools in the Americas: all US states, Mexico, Caribbeans, all Central American countries all the way down to Peru.

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