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Analyzing Justine Dupont’s January 16th Ride at Jaws

1 Jun , 2021   Video

Former Surfer Magazine editor Sam George comments on Justine Dupont’s extraordinary performance at Peahi on January 16th, 2021.

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How is Climate Change Affecting Big Wave Surfing?

26 May , 2021   Video

KSBW reporter Kevin Stark catches up with some of Mavericks big wave surfers to find out how climate changing affecting big wave surfing.


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Justine Dupont Wins Mavericks Female Performer of the Year

17 May , 2021   Video

Manera’s Justine Dupont wins Female Performer of the Year at the 2021 Mavericks Awards performance video contest.


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Manera’s Core Values

27 Apr , 2021   Video

Manera was founded so that we could make the most of the time we spend on the water, without getting cold or feeling uncomfortable.

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Why You Should Consider Impact Protection

16 Apr , 2021  

F-One tech rep Gaël Espeche reviews Manera’s Boom Vest.

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Manera 2021 Summer Collection is Out Now!

14 Apr , 2021   Video

Summer is coming and it’s time to gear up for warm days. Our 2021 Summer Collection has everything to keep you covered.


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Get to Know Hendrick Lopes

24 Mar , 2021   Video

Hendrick lives his life like he rides a wave: with passion, dedication and a lot of training. He stays focused and stoked no matter the board, as long as he’s connected to the ocean and nature.

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Brumenn | Manera’s New Surf Film Featuring Ian Fontaine

15 Mar , 2021   Video

Manera releases surf film featuring new French surf athlete Ian Fontaine.

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11 Mar , 2021   Video

A WOMANERA has for mission to inspire. Inspire a grom to take her first kiteboarding lesson. Inspire a lady to surf her first wave.

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Behind the Product: Manera Wetsuits Magma – X10D – Seafarer

6 Mar , 2021   Video

“Behind the product” is a short series of videos explaining how we built our range and its products characteristics. On this video, we explain our Neoprene range

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🎥 Wingsurfing Encuentro with the new STRIKE + Phantom 1080

26 Feb , 2021   Video

When F-One Tech Rep Gael Espeche gets the call from locals in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, for a nice swell coming in and 25 knots of wind, it was time to book a ticket and jump in the next plane!

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12 Feb , 2021  

Usually, a MANERA trip is always associated to an atypical destination in a relatively cold place. Last year, the Kamchatka Peninsula was incredible! This year’s trip was supposed to be similar, but in 2020, the word ‘normal’ took on a whole new meaning…