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Catching Up With Chris Nester & 2012 NAST Tour

28 Feb , 2012  

Chis Nester intends to bridge the gap between snowkiters and other snow junkies.

I caught up with Chris Nester as the 2012 NAST Tour comes to a close.  He was excited to report that the NAST Tour’s  and Black Owl Media’s mission to capture the story and essence of snow kiting on film was a success.  Chris is committed to the growth of snow kiting.

Chris and his fellow snow kiters noticed that, although they hang out on the same mountains as skiers and snowboarders,  their fellow snow junkies have little idea of the innovation and unexplored frontiers of the sport.  The few people who have even seen snowkiting see beginners cruising around on meadows by the highway.  They have no idea of what goes on up on the summits.

The intent of the 2012 NAST Tour was to generate content to tell the story of snowkiting and show the world what is possible.  Although, Chris admits even the most hardcore snowkiters don’t know even know what is possible.  Right now, snow kiting is like the early days of surfing where the coasts were a new frontier of unexplored, untried breaks.  In snowkiting there are vast mountain ranges just waiting to be explored and kited for the first time..  If you’re into going where no one has kited before, this may just be the perfect time to take up snowkiting.

The final product of the 2012 NAST Tour will be a video capturing the true essence of snowkiting and making it relatable to the general audience and to snow junkies in particular. They are hoping to bridge the gap between snowkiting and other snow action sports such as helisking.  They complement one another perfectly.  When it’s too windy for the helicopters to take off, well, that’s a perfect day to pump up a kite.

This is the first full media project launched to showcase the sport. After talking to Chris I can’t wait to see the results of all their hard work.  We’ll be posting it here as soon as it is available.  So if you aren’t already subscribed to receive posts by email sign up now.

If you like to kite where no one has kited before now may be the perfect time to take up snowkiting.


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