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Brumenn | Manera’s New Surf Film Featuring Ian Fontaine

15 Mar , 2021   Video

Manera Presents

Surfing in Brittany, France… it’s quite far from the standard surf cliché of the blonde-haired, sun-tanned guy in board shorts in a warm, beach climate. It’s more about 5/4/3mm hooded wetsuits and rugged, hard-to-access surf spots…

We have kind of remixed the surf culture, adapting it to the Breton art of life. And I love this mix.

— Ian Fontaine (Brittany Surfer, Finistere lover)

Cinematography / Edit
Olivier Sautet

Additional footage
Gaëtan Duke

Ian Fontaine

“The elements here are rugged.

And that, I don’t know why, attracts me.

It’s not all smooth, not all perfect… it’s a bit rough.

I  l o v e   i t .”


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