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Bridge of the Gods wrap-up

13 Aug , 2013  

Told by local F-One rep Micah Sanders, F-One was a proud sponsor of the event

Bridge Of The Gods 2013

Pro’s, Amateur’s, and Groms oh my!

In its 13th year, the Bridge of the gods kiteboarding competition is the longest running amateur kiteboarding competition in existence. This year brought some new additions including a pro and lady grom division. While the men’s pro and amateur events were full of incredible talent and jaw dropping tricks, the crowd favorites seemed to be the addition of the lady grom’s as well as the caliber of the boys grom’s. After watching the junior divisions go off, it’s safe to say, our sport is in good hands and has a very long future.

Day one brought big winds in the high 20’s gusting into the 30’s. The young guns were first up and they delivered big. Unhooked wakestyle maneuvers were followed up by big airs that had some of the men a little worried/impressed (myself included). The lady grom’s didn’t hold back either and there was a camaraderie between the competitors that make this event so special. Most of these kids have grown up kiting together and it shows in their abilities and friendships. The amateur men were up next, they were throwing down such big, and powerful moves that I thought maybe the pros had started a day early. After the amateur men were done it was time for the real men, the real old men, the Masters. We (yes we, I am a Master) had to follow up some serious talent and had a loaded field of competitors as well, including the godfather of kiteboarding, Cory Roesler. The old guys went big, albeit a little slower, and kept the crowd entertained with some impressive crashes (the word “submarine” was mentioned during some of my more graceful maneuvers).

Day two was a repeat of day one as far as conditions go but the pros would be putting on the show and they did not disappoint. There was something for everyone on Sunday, whether it was huge dangle passes by Jessie Richman, smooth style from Brandon Scheid, or some Wakestyle goodness from Alex Fox it was quite a day to be a spectator. All the pros seemed very down to earth and were more than eager to pose with a fan for a photo.

Credit photo: Jim Stringfellow

Overall, the BOTG was an incredible success and if you can make it to next years event, you will be rewarded with a great grass roots competition with world-class talents. A Big thanks and Kudos to the Bolstad family for putting this event on. Stevenson is a special place in the Gorge and the Bolstad’s make it that much more so. Here is a link to the winners photos on NWKite Credit photo: Jim Stringfellow. We’ll see you again next year and maybe I will spend a bit more time above the water.

-Micah Sanders