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BREEZE First Impressions: powerful and smooth kite, ideal for foiling in light winds

22 Sep , 2016   Video

Long time F-One & Manera Ambassador Fadhly Bey got a brand new 2017 Breeze 11m to complement his 600 Carbon Foil and 49″ Carbon foilboard to ride his local spot of Alameda, a small island in front of Oakland in the East Bay. Here is what he has to say about that new kite:

I got my new 11m Breeze and the first thing I noticed about it is how light it is. You can really feel the light weight by the way it’s launching in light winds, it takes very little wind to fly.

I ride it with my 600 foil and I can be foiling without any whitecaps on the water. It has great low end and is very stable in the air. Compared to the Bandit, the Breeze has a bit more bar pressure which is nice, since you can use it to balance. The Breeze creates a ton of power on the down stroke it gets you going easily. The power comes on very fast and helps you get on the foil. It turns just a bit slower than the Bandit and takes more input to turn. Not a bad thing to slow things down on the foil. I am having a much easier time doing tacks and jibes. Where I would drop the Bandit every now and then on jibes, the Breeze just stays up.

In a bit more wind, I ride it strapless on my surfboard. The smooth feel and stability are really nice, it lets me focus on the board.

Overall I really like it, it is a very powerful and smooth kite, ideal for foiling in light winds.


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