Big Wave Surfer Twiggy Baker Talks Foils

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are proud to announce that Grant Twig Baker is now part of the F-ONE Team!

Foiling creates new experiences like no other in conditions you never thought would be surfable. For over a year now F-One has been producing the Papenoo SUP board, winner of Best SUP Surf Award, a Foil Convertible SUP Board that can be used as either a regular SUP Surfboard, SUP Foilboard or even Wind Foil. Surf foiling is on the rise and the F-One Hybrid 65/1200 is the perfect tool for the job; paired with a Papenoo FC (Foil Convertible) available in two constructions (carbon and regular) and three sizes! 7’3, 7’7 and 7’11. There are also other Papenoo sizes but not available as Convertible.

Big wave surfer Grant Twiggy Baker has joined the F-One family and is officially infected with the foiling bug taking his surfing to the next dimension.

It’s a pleasure to announce that TWIGGY is now part of the F-ONE team! Crowned twice Big Waves World Champion, TWIGGY is an ocean athlete who kites, surfs, paddles and now foils!

Welcome TWIGGY!


Video: SURFOIL TALK – By Twiggy
Twiggy’s F-One Profile can be found @

Learn more about the F-One 65/1200 Surf Foil and Papenoo SUP Foilboard Here!