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Behind the Scenes: 2022 Next Generation Wing Foil Camp

14 Jun , 2022  

Words by Chris MacDonald

The last time F-ONE put on a Next Generation camp was in 2018 and it was for kiteboarding. 2022 would see the Next Generation concept reborn but on the wing side. 

After submitting their videos on Instagram along with a message on why they deserved to go to pretty much the coolest camp in the world, 10 lucky groms made the cut and converged on infamous Tarifa, Spain, which delivered nuking winds and epic conditions throughout the week.

The coaches and leaders featured world champions in both the kite and wing disciplines. Headed up by their fearless leader Chloe Scamps from F-ONE’s marketing team, head coach Nicolas Delmas and Maxime Chabloz (both graduates themselves of F-ONE’s Next Generation in 2014), along with 2021 GWA wing foil world champion Titouan Galea rounded out the coaches — this staff was all-star to say the least. 

Noe and Ezio with Coach Titouan and Coach Nicolas

The groms were treated to a packed schedule of training that covered everything from mental preparation to diet and physical fitness discussions around how best to be a pro. On the last day, F-ONE organized a mock contest presided over by head judge on the GWA and resident of Tarifa, Mallory De la Villamarque. 

Judge Mallory explains the course

Throughout the week Chloe handled all the details seamlessly and coordinated with local Chef Fernando. He prepared meals that were both delicious and healthy which allowed the kids to really focus on their progression winging. 

Home base

The squad was worldly indeed with kids from England, Israel, Greece, South Africa, Spain, France and the US. Petros dubbed the “Greek Freak” by his fellow groms was sending forwards after minutes of instruction from the legend Titouan. The kids were lucky enough to have some of the best media team in the business with Ana Catarina and Erick Proost handling photography and video for the week. This duo captured some insane footage of the groms.

Leon who was one of the younger groms from England found a whole new gear and pushed through some painful foot wounds to compete in the contest the last day after his teammates rallied around him and assured him he could do it. 

Lunch break for Leon

Inspirational award from this author goes to Samuel Mendezs from Spain. Having no wind sports background, Sam’s uncle had just taught him to wing when he joined the Next Gen crew. Sam killed it and progressed at an astonishing rate. The first milestone was going from a huge board that he was used to straight to a sinker with ease! 

Ezzio and Noe, two young shredders from Corsica, are ones to be watched and will surely make a mark in the future. Their skills and energy are not easily matched. 

Leehoo from Irsael is another young charger who rides with power and style and learned some valuable foil maintenance tips throughout the week. South African Jake was a natural leader and pushed himself and the younger groms. 

Morgan, Luca and Chris all of the US “Grom Squad” showed their prowess and skills from riding in Baja, San Francisco and Hood River sending jumps, backflips and pushing the boundaries of riding. 

Morning warm-up

By the end of the week the kids were having a blast together regardless of which language they spoke or where they were from which truly must have been F-ONE’s goal from the beginning. At the end of the week, one of the groms was overheard saying…. “Wow F-ONE really is a family.”

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