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Discover the new Manera 2015 EXO and SENSO Harnesses – Available Now !

10 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Good news ! The new MANERA 2015 EXO Harness is now available for the North American market

The 2015 version is building on the success of the 2014 version, with it unique Dispersion Frame Technology. The new version has an upgraded NEST foam for a better confort. The neoprene liner has also been upgraded to a wetsuit grade type neoprene. There is a new color (white) with different graphics. The EXO is MANERA premium harness

For 2015, F-One is also releasing the SENSO, a downgraded version and of the EXO without tuck flap and no back leash release system like for the EXO. Only one color and limited quantities.

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SHOP MANERA 2015 Harnesses

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How to choose your MANERA EXO Harness from F-One America on Vimeo.