Aloha Josh Riccio !!

Source: SUP Journal

Josh Riccio has joined the F-ONE sup team. In a move unmatched, the brand has picked up a fierce and promising paddler to add to their storehouse of stellar athletes. Check out what Josh has to say about the move to F-ONE in this exclusive interview at Standup Journal online:



Born and raised on the gulf coast of Florida, Josh Riccio is no stranger to water. “Growing up, my friends and I were always frothing for waves to surf but the gulf coast rarely produces enough swell so my group of friends and I were always doing everything else on the water like fishing, skimboarding, wake-skating, wake-boarding, surfing, behind the boat, skateboarding. Basically anything that replicated the feeling of riding waves, we did. “

Looking back at his life, he realizes that the time spent with his friends growing up on the gulf coast led him to create a life revolving around the ocean.  In 2010, he made the move to Maui to live in a place more conducive to his lifestyle.


“As an athlete, I need the best performing equipment in the water which is evident in the quality of their boards” — Josh Riccio


Josh started paddling shortly after he moved to Maui in 2010, but he says, “only when the waves were small or flat.” Then, he began to paddle with the Napili Canoe Club where he was trained in proper paddle stroke technique for the outrigger canoe.  After his first channel crossing in Molokai to Maui in 2011 with the crew at the Napili Canoe Club, the concept of paddling caught fire in Josh’s life.  He began to train on a sup in order to get better in the outrigger canoe.

But, you know how these things go …


“Charles Bertrand is F-One’s design guy who has a masters in Hydrodynammics” gives Josh the confidence that his boards will perform under pressure!


In 2013, Josh started competing in local standup paddle races on Maui.  In July of that year, he participated in his first standup paddle crossing in the M2M challenge and placed 3rd in the stock class behind waterman Zane Schweitzer.  This gave him the confidence and motivation to pursue standup paddle racing in the 2013 Battle of the Paddle’s pro elite class.


“F-One is a company comprised of individuals who share a passion for the ocean.”


Josh is SUP-er stoked to be joining the F-ONE team in 2017.  He says, “the biggest thing that made me choose to join F-ONE is the people that comprise the brand.”  Specifically, he cites Billy Ackerman and Nico Ostermann and is looking forward to teaming up with them both to hit the retails shops, offer demos & clinics to support the F-ONE brand.

“F-ONE is a company comprised of individuals who share a passion for the ocean which makes a brand feel like a family and that is exactly what I’m looking for in any business relationship.”

Josh will be riding the F-ONE flatwater and open ocean pro race boards in competitions this year (he’s signed on for 29 races in 2017!) and you can look for him on the 7’5×24″ and 8’2″x24″ Madeiro Pro in the surf.  You can bet we’ll catch a glimpse of him on one of F-ONE’s new foil board this year as well.  He’s chomping at the bit to try them out!
Both on the racing circuit and in the surf, Josh Riccio is sure to light up the scoreboards for F-ONE’s team stats.


F-ONE North American’s distributor Nico Ostermann welcomes Josh into the tribe with unbridled enthusiasm.  He states,

As the North American distributor for F-ONE and Manera, we are totally stoked to have Josh join the international team.  We are in this by passion, have been from day one and Josh is very passionate about the world of sup, pushing himself, training hard, always with a big smile and ready to jump on the next challenge.  We believe he will be a great addition and spokesperson for both brands, bringing his competitive side to all major sup events in 2017 and also a wealth of experience to push forward the development of our products.  Aloha/Welcome/Bienvenu Josh!

Josh’s goals for 2017 include qualifying with Team USA for the ISA World Sup Championships and winning the stock class this year for both the Maui to Molokai and Molokai to Oahu open water crossings.  Josh is further supported by VMG Blades, Werner Paddles and Hari Mari Sandals.

Good luck this year, Josh!  We, at Standup Journal online, look forward to hearing more on the journey to success you’ve created by choosing F-ONE.  Aloha to you!