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6 Reasons You Should Learn How to Kitefoil

22 Apr , 2021   Video

Thinking of learning how to kitefoil? Antoine Auriol explains why kitefoiling is such an amazing sport especially if you already know how to kite.

The main advantages of kitefoiling are:


Kitefoiling is easy to learn if you already know how to kite. Since you already have kite skills, the hardest part will be figuring out how to foil.

Optimized Gear:

There has been an incredible amount of development in foiling gear in the last few years. With tons of options including more predictable, user-friendly wings that will have you foiling up at a slower speed with more control, new kitefoiling gear allows you to continuously improve your performance every day.

Pure Glide:

Kitefoiling offers amazing sensations of gliding above the water. It’s a spectacular feeling that’ll make you think that you’re riding a magic carpet.


Kitefoiling allows you to ride in both light and strong wind conditions. While kiteboards displace water and cause friction, foils have significantly less friction and allow you to ride in much lighter winds than you would be able to kiteboard. While others are sitting on the beach waiting patiently for the wind to pick up, you’ll be out on there doubling your water time.

The Fun Side:

Learning how to kitefoil presents many new challenges, but can also be incredibly fun and rewarding. You’ll be be accomplishing your goals and trying new tricks in no time.

Fantastic Upwind:

With insane upwind ability, you’ll be able explore the distant reaches of your home spot as well as discover plenty of new places.

Don’t wait anymore and go kitefoiling!

Get started with this setup:

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