Ambassador Spotlight: Rafky Sanchez

Get to know F-One ambassador, Rafky Sanchez

photographed by Jorge Figueroa

Rafky Sanchez, a Puerto Rico local, shares a little bit about himself, his water sports journey, and his love for getting out in the waves. From his mentors to his ideal quiver, read on to get to know our F-One ambassador spotlight. 

Can you share a bit about how you got into wing foiling and becoming an ambassador? What initially drew you to the sport?

“I was attracted to the sense of sailing in the water, the freedom, and how much more time I could be out on the water. It gives you the opportunity of catching so many waves, and since surfing and sailing have been my passion forever, I found it super attractive how I could combine both sports into one. I got started before covid with some of the other watermen on the island, and together we all started learning. When covid hit, there was a regulation against being in the water, so we practiced wing control with skateboards on land. Once the restriction was lifted, we spread our wings and headed into the sea.” RS

photographed by Jorge Figueroa


photographed by Jorge Figueroa

Do you have a favorite session or memory out on the water? 

“Wow, there are so many, but one that stands out was this first time that I caught a big wave in Tres Palmas with my wing-foil. It’s hard to explain, but it was just one of those huge swell days, and being able to go out there and catch a monster wave with a wing is just incredible.” RS

 Who are some of your biggest role models or inspirations within the industry?

“Fernando Novaes (@mizofernando) from Brazil – I have been following him since he started prone foiling, before he was sponsored by F-One, and I would DM him questions on instagram, and he was always so kind, answering my questions and sharing knowledge. He’s definitely one of my favorite riders and it’s inspiring to see how he has grown in the sport on his own and alongside F-One.” RS

Can you share some of your future goals in wing foiling, or your athletic career?

“One of my goals is to open up my own wing-foil school, and to just continue teaching others how to dominate the sport that I love so much. Continuing to help others grow and achieve their personal goals – share the stoke.” RS


photographed by Jorge Figueroa

What does a typical day of riding look like to you?

“A normal day riding for me starts the day or week before… 🙂  I’m constantly checking the forecast, what the wind and swells are doing, so I can plan which region of the island is best to ride at. With my fellow riders, we have a chat where we amp each other up to not only ride, but to also advance in the sport. We prefer to ride waves over just cruising. So a normal day is just getting out there, having fun, and being alert, hoping to catch a glimpse of a turtle, shark, manatee, etc.. “ RS

What does your F-One quiver look like? Do you have a favorite rig?

“My f-one quiver is a Strike V3 4.5m, board is the Rocket Carbon S 4’2” 32L, and the foil is mast HM 85, Sk8 750 – and at the moment that is my favorite rig. For tow-foiling I use the same foil, but I switch my board to the F-one Pocket Carbon 120cm.” RS

Do you have a favorite spot to shred?

“A spot we call El Gorro del Pulpo (Octopus’ hat) in my hometown – Luquillo, PR.” RS

Any advice to incoming athletes, or those new the sport?

Learning takes time. It’s easy to get frustrated at the beginning. Be patient and go out and ride every time you get the chance. Watch instructional videos, ask your favorite riders questions, most of us riders are always happy to share knowledge.” RS


photographed by Jorge Figueroa

Keep up with Rafky on Instagram, @rafkyman

Thank you to Jorge Figueroa, for the images! @lfv_jorge

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