Welcome to Team F-One , Edo!

Edo Tanas

Italian native, Edo Tanas, born November 6, 2002, now calls the shores of Hawaii home. With a strong passion for various watersports, including downwind foiling, surf foiling, wingfoiling, windsurfing, and surfing, he thrives in the ocean. Edos’ favorite spot, China Walls on Oahu, provides the perfect canvas for his favorite move: carving. While being welcomed to the F-One team, he gave some insight into his experience in the sport. Continue reading to get to know Edo!

Q: How did you get into surf foiling and downwinding?
A: “I started windsurfing at eight years old in Torbole right on the shores of Lake Garda in Italy. I continued windsurfing and competed worldwide in the Techno 293 category. I then advanced to RS:X and iQFoil to chase my Olympic dream, but as COVID-19 came around, all the competitions were shut down. So, I decided to move to Hawaii for university and started prone and downwind foiling.”

Edo Tanas

Q: What do you do before getting in the water?
A: “Get hydrated and listen to music full blast in my truck to get pumped up.”


Q: Tell us about your best memory on the water.
A: “Downwind prone at sunset on the Kaiko’os to Tonggs run on Oahu.”


Q: Worst wipeout?
A: “Surfing at Sunset Beach, I took a two-wave hold down and thought I was going to faint.”

Edo Tanas
Edo Tanas

"Who would you like to say thank you to?"

“My uncle who takes me out on his boat and tows me into waves every day, and my auntie who cooks me dinner and takes care of me.”

Edo Tanas and Jack Ho

Edo's Quiver Favorite

There’s nothing like the SK8 650 and SK8 750 to surf and carve like mad in the waves.” – Edo

Carving is not a crime: Get in your flow, feel every turn and be ready to shred like never before with the SK8. Designed for surfing, this foil doesn’t just turn. It carves. Bringing control, maneuverability and pure glide, the SK8 lets you draw dreamy lines and takes your surf to the next level.