HALO Recall

As part of our ongoing monitoring of the quality and conformity of our products, we have detected that certain parts of the HALO Harness could present a conformity defect.

This manufacturing defect could lead to a safety issue. The safety of our customers is our absolute priority, and we take this situation very seriously. For this reason, we are initiating a recall of all HALO sold to date, to upgrade certain parts, free of charge.

Manera apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this unforeseen event, and hopes that this preventive measure will be met with you full understanding and cooperation.

Defective parts may break during navigation. This risk of potential breakage can represent some danger for riders and thrid parties

The three structural parts of ADAPTIVE SKIN, INTERNAL PIVOT and EXTERNAL PIVOT, have been redesigned to offer much greater strength and durability.

Manera has set up an international procedure for the free exchange of the defective parts. Please contact the dealer where you bought your HALO in the first place and they will help you out with replacement parts and instructions.

Alternatively, you can also submit a warranty claim here.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Manera thanks you for your cooperation