F-One Team Puts on a Show at 2023 La Ventana Grom Fest

The 2023 La Ventana Grom Fest has officially concluded! Hosted by hot spot Playa Central, young “groms” competed in various disciplines of kiteboarding and wing foiling. With racing, big air, and freestyle, F-One was proud to represent six groms. 

The 2023 competition took place on December 27th & 28th, with steady winds and pleasant sun! With roughly 20 knots, athletes were able to best express themselves during each of the events. Fans and riders from all over showed out for the event, as the Grom Fest continues to grow each year.


 The six competing groms, Christopher MacDonald, Luca Vuillermet, Patrick Kissinger, Morgan Ostermann, Morgan Headington, and Zoe Trudeau put on a show in many of the different categories during the event, all repping F-One.

The Rider Report

Christopher MacDonald (17) Hood River, OR


“Im excited to be here and competing with my friends, the wind is looking good which is kinda rare for Grom Fest!

Im riding with my F-One kit, feeling great- I’m loving the Escape 530 and 630! They really help me ride to my full potential out on the water.”

Christopher on the upcoming Strike V.4

Patrick Kissinger, 16, Hood River, OR


“The Grom Fest is awesome! I love being here with all my friends and sending it on the water. I’m the most excited for the freestyle heats, its so fun to get out there and put on a good show for the crowd.

Im riding the Strike V3, 530 Escape, 850 carbon mast, and a Rocket Wing S, I love it all!”

Luca Vuillermet, 15, Santa Monica, CA


“The Grom Fest was awesome! It was cool to get to compete against all my good friends, especially since we ride together almost every windy day. 

My favorite item from F-One is my 530 Escape!”

Morgan Ostermann, 16, San Francisco, CA


“Im feeling great about the fun competition here at the Grom Fest, its really fun to be here with all my friends and watching everyone ride!

Im riding F-One and Manera, the best out there! My favorite piece of equipment are the Strike V3s, they just make riding so clean and enjoyable.”

Morgan Headington, 16, Marin County, CA


“This is my first year at the Grom Fest, Im having a lot of fun. It seems well run, and its cool to have an event in La Ventana!

Im riding all F-One gear, Im really liking the Strike V3– It has a really tight canopy which is good for racing and freestyle.”

Zoe Trudeau, 14, Ellensburg, WA


“Grom fest is a lot of fun and super sick, but im really tired! Ive done 8 events today, both kite and wing, but it was awesome!

My favorite F-One gear is the 750 SK8, it rides super well in the waves and cranks pretty fast! Its really the most fun to ride!”

F-One on the Podium

2023 Podium Groms

Zoe Trudeau, 14 year old kiteboarder and wingfoiler, shined on the podium as the only female athlete in both disciplines.

In addition, many of our groms occupied podium spots at the 2023 Grom Fest Awards. F-One highlights included Luca V. and Patrick K. tied for 3rd place in freestyle, as well as Patrick taking 1st in Big Air, and Morgan Headington w/ 1st in slalom.

Although Christopher MacDonald, current World Champion in wing foil freestyle, did not compete for scores, he was psyched to ride along side his buddies. Rather than competing against his long-time friends, he decided to ride and coach out on the water instead. 

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A huge thank you from all the F-One riders to the La Ventana Grom Fest! We can’t wait for next year.