OCEANBOUND is STOKED on His V3 Swing Wing

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of introducing our readers to Jeremy, a passionate water sports enthusiast and an avid content creator known as “OCEANBOUND”.

Today, we are excited to share more of his content with you!

This video is ideal for those curious about what the deal is with the new V3 Swing Wing, and whether or not you’re ready to make a switch. In the words of Jeremy, this session left them “STOKED,” as they “ripped pretty hard for 2 hours straight”!

Redefine wing foil riding, surfing and freefly with the SWING V3. Thanks to its stability, lightness, maneuverability and control, our legendary SWING is the ultimate wave-riding and downwinding wing. Boasting F-ONE’s new and revolutionary design as well as the latest technologies and materials, this wing delivers maximum performance in surf and open ocean swells.

Its compact design improves freefly abilities; your only focus becomes your foil and the wave or swell you are riding.

Its power allows you to use a smaller board, foil, or wing for a unique feeling of freedom.

Its maneuverability and stability help you nail all your maneuvers like the jibe or the tack.

It offers an easy and controlled ride, without any big accelerations.

HITEX, NANO and HT80 provide increased durability.