TARGET: First impressions with all new F-One foil kite

The TARGET is a mid-aspect ratio kite, bringing incredible stability, power, lift and user-friendliness. The aspect ratio has been tuned perfectly for each size, and on the smaller ones, the chosen aspect ratio brings a super dynamic and powerful feeling.

Read about Jamison Clower’s experience on the Target.

“The Target is user friendly with an intuitive setup. It launches and relaunches from both land and water with ease. It responds effortlessly to rider input, giving a sense of both control and playfulness. Whether I’m executing old tricks, attempting new grabs, or experimenting with board-offs, this kite provides the ideal platform to explore and progress my skills. The Target boosts huge with generous hang time. That extra time in the air is perfect for progression.

But it’s great for cruising too; the wind range is impressive and I’m riding when everyone else is waiting for the wind to pick up. Even in light wind, it remains stable overhead, just waiting for input from the bar.

I have flown an 11m in a variety of conditions; when the wind is as low as 10 knots or as high as 24 knots, this kite remains stable, predictable, and fun. It’s reliable and forgiving, making it suitable for riders of all skill levels.

The Target’s playfulness, boosting capabilities, and generous hang time provide ample opportunity for learning new tricks and pushing boundaries while its extensive wind range and remarkable stability ensure that I’m riding more than I thought possible.

Additional comments:
This kite is a great complement to any quiver. Big air riders looking to progress without being punished for steering mistakes on small kites will find that this kite delivers. Beginners or free riders looking for more time on the water will find a wide usable wind range in a kite that is stable and predictable. 

The first concern from most riders considering a ram air kite is the water relaunch; I have tested water relaunch extensively in both flat water and waves. Even after several minutes in the water, the Target relaunches easily and the wingtips drain efficiently. The single dump valve is ample for easy pack-down. The bridles lack a,b,c, and z labels but their arrangement is intuitive and clean. In summary, I have nothing negative to add. This kite has already generated a lot of interest in my local community and I look forward to adding more sizes to my personal quiver.”

The TARGET is built from a long-lasting and robust 38g canopy material offering increased waterproofness, with insignia half-circle reinforcement on every attachment point for outstanding durability.

Perfect for light to mid wind ranges, the TARGET is available in six sizes: 6, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 m².

The TARGET + Pocket Rocket: The Perfect Pair