The man behind THE LEGEND │ Episode 3

A legend's family.

What would you do if they say that your son as tumor?
Mitu and his wife Nicole had to face with a very bad moment.

Their dream life has not always been so easy.
But you know what? Love heals everything.

When he initially ventured into riding strapless, it wasn’t driven by trends or popularity; rather, it was simply because he lacked any other suitable board. Taking his surfboard, he embarked on kiteboarding with it. Reflecting upon the remarkable progress strapless riding has made, he feels an overwhelming sense of joy and pride.

In Cape Verde, they have embraced strapless riding as a form of devotion, often proclaiming, “STRAPLESS IS RELIGION.” The majority of local riders opt for the strapless approach, leading him to confidently assert that Cape Verde boasts the world’s finest strapless riders.

Witnessing young Cape Verdeans, who once watched him practice his tricks, now surpassing expectations and achieving championship status fills him with immense pride. They are spreading their skills across the globe, proudly representing their country. Additionally, the advent of the first strapless tour revealed a continuous influx of emerging talents worldwide, serving as a driving force for him to persist in his own endeavors.

Remaining in the top 5 globally, he is not ready to relinquish his position just yet. With unwavering determination, he commits to working diligently and contributing his utmost to propel this incredible sport’s growth even further.


We look forward to seeing what this legend does next!