The man behind THE LEGEND │ Episode 1

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After a 4 years break, the legend of kitesurfing Mitu Monteiro came back to competitions in his home spot Ponta Preta (Cabo Verde).

But what are the thoughts and concerns of a former World Champion?

Let’s deep into the past, guided by his mother’s memories, to learn more about his life.

Mitu hails from Sal Island, Cabo Verde, and his upbringing was marked by challenging circumstances. Born in Santa Maria, he entered the world in a modest room devoid of electricity. Raised by a single mother who struggled financially, he became accustomed to spending time alone at home while she worked.

As he grew older and began to walk, his curiosity led him into trouble. In the absence of his mother, he would venture out of his cradle with his bottle of milk, exploring every corner of the house. One unfortunate incident occurred when he inserted a stick into an electrical outlet, resulting in a powerful shock that flung him several meters away. Shaking with fever, he eventually fell asleep, waiting for his mother’s return from work hours later.

Throughout his childhood, he continued to be a source of concern for his mother. He would frequently escape from school as soon as she left him there. Although not proud of his actions, these early experiences ignited his passion for the ocean. Spending most of his days on the beach, he was captivated by the sight of fishing boats with their sails propelling them forward. Inspired, he began constructing his own model boats using wood and discarded materials, launching them into the water.

It was during this time that he acquired fundamental knowledge about wind direction. Recollections include instances when fishermen rescued him and brought him back home, leaving his mother in tears. Despite being aware of the consequences, his deep connection to the sea made it impossible for him to resist its allure. Swimming long distances became second nature to him, showcasing the innocence and determination of a young child.

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