Highlight: Demo Days with Boardsports

Here's to another successful local Bay Area demo.

Last weekend, new and seasoned water sports enthusiasts gathered at the picturesque locales of Alameda and Coyote Point for an opportunity to demo the latest F-One wing and kitesurf gear.

The event was a great occasion to spend time with our community, graciously hosted by our friends at Boardsports School.

To ensure a safe and informative experience, F-One America had a team of experienced professionals on hand to guide newer participants through the intricacies of the wind sports. Beginners received a comprehensive introduction of basic techniques and safety protocols, while seasoned riders had the opportunity to discover the gear on the water.

The supportive atmosphere fostered an inclusive environment, encouraging participants of all skill levels to join in.

At Coyote Point, the new Strike V3 was a availble by popular demand. Whether it’s freeride, freestyle, surfing or freefly, this state-of-the-art wing can do it all.

At Alameda, due to the lighter winds, the Strike CWC had a great opportunity to show its worth. Here is what Billy Ackerman has to say about it:

“The NEW CWC V3 did not disappoint! Major improvements in materials and build while still setting the gold standard in light wind performance at the top of its class. This hands down is the best light wind wing on the market and really allows us to enjoy your sessions in marginal to poor conditions. The wing is fantastic.

There is a lot of tech packed into the 6,7,8 and newly added 9m size (9m size coming Summer 2023).

The low-end power is in line with the v1 CWC while increasing performance with a stiffer frame. Handles have been improved and are more ridged than the previous version but keeping to its roots with no hard parts. The handles are fantastic allowing your wrists to be in a relaxed and comfortable position making for longer and more comfortable riding. Tacks and jibs are even better than before with the V3 working with you, and effortlessly maneuvering without too much lift or pull through your transitions. I felt right at home on the 7m CWC from the start and looking forward to more light wind sessions.”


Beyond the thrill of the sport itself, the F-One demo event offered a unique opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. We would like to thank Boardsports School for the continued collaboration.

Stay tuned for future events!