Sneak Peak: New Additions to the Eagle range: 690 & 1290

Take a peak at new additions to the Eagle range.

The foils of the EAGLE HM CARBON line are designed to bring you thrilling speed potential, incomparable downwind sensations, and everlasting cruising time above the water. The EAGLE HM CARBON is the ideal foil for anybody seeking speed and fantastic downwind abilities. With its very thin profile and upturned winglets, the EAGLE’sinduced drag is reduced to a minimum. It is a very efficient foil whose lift will allow you to stay above the water and cruise for longer than you could have ever imagined at any speed without the foil abruptly stalling and dropping.

The EAGLE HM CARBON foils are now available in six sizes, with two new additions including the 690 cm² and 1290 cm².

Meet the Eagle 690

The 690cm², a new addition to the range, is perfect for a strong wing session or a long downwind.It will also fit riders of a smaller build and any experienced foiler looking to break their personal records.

The 690 cm² will be at it best when paired with the XXXS 190 DW Monobloc Tail, ideal for strong conditions and very experienced riders. Thanks to its smaller surface area, the DW190 offers even more speed and better maneuverability.

Meet the Eagle 1290

The 1290 cm²brings more accessibility to downwind. They are great choices to start in SUP downwind and for riders of a bigger stature. The 1290 will excel in light wind and flat downwinders as well.

All sizes but the 690 cm² are recommended with the DW210 HM stab, just as thin as the front wing. This stabilizer will allow you to gain more speed and pumping efficiency.

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