We don’t forget our friends: SUPPORT LOCAL SHOPS

Part 3 of MANERA's Core Principles

Whether it’s out on the water or in this business, we don’t forget our friends.

In the early days of MANERA, a small network of shops and salespeople in the community helped us grow to where we are today. They have our loyalty, and vice versa.

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To protect and maintain this friendly ecosystem, we have stayed true to the local shop model for our sales approach. Selling direct or going through corporate outlets would eliminate part of what we cherish in this field. The knowledge of true practitioners is invaluable, and that is why each MANERA product is only sold through a specialty shop or website. That way, everybody can get the best expertise and advice from someone who is in the water every day.

Additionally, shops are the heart and soul of the local surf scene. 

Everything often starts there: events, competitions, or even a grom’s first sponsor. Tight-knit communities frequently blossom and prosper around them.

By committing ourselves to this community of local, specialized shops, we aim to help our customers enjoy an authentic experience and product, all while sharing the stoke of watersports.

We want kids in 20 years’ time to walk in and experience these shops the way we all did. Our decision to support local shops is much more than a sales strategy; it is a commitment to our culture.

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