Why Choose the CWC?

Lightweight, stable, and easy to use, the STRIKE CWC is a game changer for your light wind days.

Lightweight, stable, and easy to use, the STRIKE CWC is a game changer for your light wind days. Our patented Compact Wing Concept with three struts offers the most compact shape on the market for the bigger sizes and allows adding more surface into a given wingspan without compromising lightness and performance. Light wind riding has never been so effective.

The STRIKE CWC is available in three sizes:

6.0m² — 10 > 22 knts

7.0m² — 8 > 20 knts

8.0m² — 6 > 15 knts

The sensations

The STRIKE CWC’s unique geometry brings great power with ease-of-use, and therefore a light feel with less wingspan. The wing is more maneuverable and easier to flip around when on the water. Its compactness allows for a very comfortable ride with big wing sizes, even if you’re of short height as this wing does not touch the water. 

This wing cuts through the air very efficiently. Its compact shape works to your advantage, as does the lightweight feel in your hands. The light but stiff material used makes pumping to take-off very easy and leads to an especially smooth power generation. Finally, the canopy always remains incredibly stable, so the wing keeps its shape in the wind.

The design & technology

The pending patent Compact Wing Concept is a F-ONE innovation. The two extra struts increase the wing’s surface without increasing the leading edge’s length and diameter. Once we were able to fit a 6m² into a short 5m² leading edge, we were then able to build a 7m² and 8m² with the same concept. The control of the leading edge’s length offers more rigidity in the canopy and the trailing edge is completely controlled, adding performance.

Because touching the water while riding is an issue with the bigger sizes, we have also worked on the tips’ profile. They naturally stay away from the water’s surface. If they do hit the water, their design allows them to glide over and not stop you as it previously would.

Why should you choose our STRIKE CWC?

1. It is a game changer for light wind days.

2. It is compact, lightweight, and user-friendly for all body types.

3. Its groundbreaking three-strut design brings unmatched stability.

4. Pumping and power generation are smooth and efficient.