Why Should You Choose the FCT Foil Range?

F-ONE's FCT technology offers impressive mechanical properties, making it particularly suited for foils subjected to high stresses and bending loads.

Always looking to innovate and to make the sport more accessible and high-performance, F-ONE has developed the Foil Compression Technology (FCT).

This technology offers impressive mechanical properties, making it particularly suited for foils subjected to high stresses and bending loads. It is available for both our GRAVITY and PHANTOM foils.

Sizes and Technical Specs

The GRAVITY FCT is available in 1800 and 2200 cm². With an aspect ratio of 5.0, this is the most accessible option in our foil range and is recommended for learning how to foil.

The PHANTOM FCT is available in 1280, 1480 and 1680 cm². Its aspect ratio of 6.0 makes it a versatile and performing foil, and guarantees maneuverability for surfing and accessible pumping.

Programs & Sensations

The GRAVITY FCT is the foil you should have if you want to learn how to use both a wing and a foil. Accessible, straightforward, and forgiving, these foils have great lift and stability. Their generous span makes them very reliable and intuitive.

They also allow you to control low speeds and are extremely stable overall. The refined shape details such as the arch curvature, the profile and the wing tips ensure they also remain maneuverable.

The PHANTOM FCT is a fantastic foil that does everything well. Its medium span guarantees performance, maneuverability for surfing and efficient pumping. Connecting waves while wing foiling, surfing or even downwinding is easy and fun with this range.

These foils are incredibly efficient and accessible, and their lifts allow you to glide endlessly while having fun.

Both FCT models provide reliable, easy-to-use, and well-balanced foils that will help riders get started in foiling and wing foiling, and allow for substantial room for improvement.

Construction Process

This construction process is optimized and efficient, without any compromise on the quality and durability of our foils.

Our FCT front wings are built in fiberglass around a high-density foam core. The front wing is then covered by our thin and strong “Shield Skin.”

As you are riding, the difference between a carbon and FCT foil is barely noticeable. Both have the same shape and program. FCT foils do have a bit more flex, but the performance potential on the water is very much the same.


The FUSION LINK enables the perfect connection between the fuselage and the front wing using a large solid plate at the front of the fuselage. It results in a connection geometry that ensures a very solid and stiff assembly.

The fuselage can be directly connected to the standard F-ONE aluminum mast of the desired length. The setup and disassembly are extremely easy, and the whole system is very travel friendly.

All in all, this technology provides one of the most accessible and scalable foil setups whilst keeping the DNA of its carbon counterparts.

Overall, this technology offers one of the most accessible, durable and scalable foils on the market while maintaining an impressive performance and progression potential.

Why should you choose our F.C.T. Range?

  • It is one of the most accessible, scalable and progressive foil setups.
  • It brings the same performance and sensations as a carbon construction.
  • It is ideal to learn and progress in foiling.
  • It is extremely sturdy and will withstand the typical mistakes of the progression stages.